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Parts and Service: A Vital Link in Appliances

With the newest trends in marketing major home appliances and the ever-increasing demands of the consumer on after-sales service, it is essential for every manufacturer, distributor and dealer to ensure that their customers are receiving the best service possible on the products they sell.

A direct link to the manufacturer is vital in maintaining consumer confidence in both the dealer and the product, and we at Sutton & Sons Appliances in Hamilton pride ourselves on being that link between the modern consumer and the manufacturer.

Be it service, parts, installation, or just a question that needs to be answered, our staff and team of field technicians are fully trained and capable of handling all the appliance repair that Hamilton residents have need of. Call us today! (905) 544-1916

Free Consultation

- Free Intial Analysis by Phone

- Appliance Installation and Repair

When you call Sutton & Son Appliances, we’ll analyze your issue quickly over the phone, free of charge. Based on that conversation, we’ll decide whether you need a service call or just a part.

If all you need is a part, we’ll provide free instructions on how to install it, if that’s what you prefer. Of course, if you’d rather Sutton & Son Appliances did the work for you, we’re always happy to oblige!